Devanley Labradors

Welcome - please sit and stay awhile!

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Devanley's Major Margaret Houlihan x Devanley's Semper Fidelis Litter

We are working on a theme for this litter.

Puppy Color Marking/Collar ColorTheme NameSource of Theme Name
Blue Collar Black Boy  
Green Collar Black Boy  
Red Collar Black Boy  
Yellow Collar Black Boy  
Pink Collar Chocolate Girl  
Lime Green Collar Black Girl  
Purple Paint/Purple Collar Black Girl  

If you are interested in a Devanley Labrador Puppy, please fill out the Puppy Inquiry Questionnaire.  

Thank you!!!!  

First Week
First Week Video
Second Week
Second Week Video
Third Week
Third Week Video
Fourth Week
Fourth Week Video
Fifth Week
Fifth Week Video

Sixth Week


Seventh Week


Eighth Week