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Devanley Dogs Making a Difference in Others' Lives


Proudly, Devanley is the breeder behind  dogs that have become service dogs and therapy dogs.  More often than not, these dogs come from one  of our own breedings and, occasionally, out of one of our stud dogs.  


Devanley's Apollo Creed  "Apollo"     


Apollo is a service dog from the AKC CH Devanley's Grand Canyon "Rocky" x Devanley's Sweet Peppermint Patty "Patty"  litter from October 2017.  

Lovingly Submitted by Sandra Bohle - My special boy Apollo is both service dog and Ambassador for Angels for Veterans. He is a handsome rich dark chocolate English Lab which I acquired from Devanley Labradors when he was just four months old. He recently turned two years old.He functions in two distinct capacities. As Ambassador Apollo does socialize with the public. He provides opportunities for questions about our program and service dogs. He also provides hugs to veterans who want to share their stories with me. He brings a smile and joy to into that person’s day who was feeling empty and lonesome.Apollo’s role would be to accompany me to engage an audience when I am keynote speaker at events, veteran organizations, private clubs, business gatherings.

Apollo’s job is to provide physical assistance to me as well. Apollo can retrieve items for me when I am unable to bend down. It’s a comfort knowing that I can count on Apollo to help.  He is there beside me when I have intense pain and I feel anxious or overwhelmed. He seems to know when I need a hug.  He always knows when I am not well. He stays close to me in bed on bad days. He either will lay up close against my leg or across my legs. He is always exceptionally gentle and assuring. That’s just the sweetest trait ever. I have to say that Apollo is so instinctive that I never need to ask for his support, love or his hugs. It almost as though someone whispers in his ear when I I need him the most.

He’s not shy when it comes to entertaining me with his silliness. He likes to parade around with a toy or household object in his mouth. His whole body engages in his wiggle routine.  He’s laughing the whole time. He struts and wiggles showing off and making me laugh with him. But it is in our quieter moments that we connect on the deepest level of understanding and shared love and appreciation for one another. I am the Founder and Director of Angels for Veterans. We are a charitable 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our mission includes providing service dogs to veterans whose lives have been altered, interrupted, and forever changed by physical and also psychological disabilities. Our service dogs are making profound changes in the lives of so many honorable veterans. 

I love hearing feedback from veterans and their families how their lives have changed for the better. Having that special new buddy beside them 24/7 is a game changer. One veteran described his dog as a miracle. Several veterans have had some of their medications reduced. Others have a recaptured joy and ability to socialize and participate in family functions once again. They state that having their dog beside them gives them the ability and calm to go into public places. Veterans suffering from PTSD often isolate from crowds and social activities. Having a dog that can lead you to an exit and also address your anxiety is a true gift. 

These kind beautiful dogs are always sensing and reading their owners. Although they may appear to be doing nothing, all of their senses and training are activated when they are working. This is why we discourage the public from approaching and petting a working dog - they honestly are doing a very important job. They might even be monitored sugar levels or sensing the onset of a seizure. Not to mention the sights sounds and smells of the immediate environment. Pretty incredible to say the least. 

To learn more about Angels for Veterans, please see .

Devanley's General Lee  "Bo/Buzz" 


Buzz (he was known as Bo here at Devanley) is a service dog from the AKC CH Hoffmann's Bohica "Farmer" x Devanley's White Chocolate Surprise "Sophie" litter from April 2017.

Devanley's Batter Up  "Duncan" 


Duncan is a service dog from the AKC CH Atlantic's Ace of Cakes at Big Sky "Duffy" x Devanley's Sweet Peppermint Patty "Patty" litter from November 2015.

His owner writes -

My name is Stephen Haney.  I am the owner and handler of Duncan.  I have had Duncan for about 2.5 years now.  Not only has he become a member of our family but also my life saver.  He isn't just the dog walking next to me but a part of me.  Duncan goes almost everywhere with me and has allowed me to become a more functional member of society.  Because of him, I can now go out in crowded public places with less anxiety.  I can now move around easier and with less pain.  He has helped me more than I can even explain in just one statement. He is my angel!  In many ways he has saved my life.  I couldn't have asked for a better service dog.  He is loved by all but none more than me.  Devanley is just at a different level when it comes to the quality dogs they produce.  I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for being such an integral part of my healing through the work they do and their dedication.

Duncan was trained by Fran Morford - Wagmor Service Dogs

Devanley's My Angel's Name is Fiona "Fiona" 


Fiona is a therapy dog from the AKC GCH Devanley's Over the Limit "Mack" x Devanley's Laughter with Galway "Boo" litter from May 2015.  

Her owner writes -

"You chose the perfect girl for me. 
She’s an amazing beautiful companion to me. We are so bonded. She’s goes everywhere with me.
Fiona is total love to everyone she sees. She’s patient with the autistic children we see. She’s gentle and loving to the elderly residents who miss they’re pets and need the love she gives to them.  
Fiona relaxes high school students stressing over finals and is a great listener to the children who read to her at schools and libraries.
Fiona has brought her love and comfort to those at the funeral homes who need hugs to help them through their loss. 
She’s an amazing precious angel Judy.  I love her to the moon and back!"

Devanley's Fast Cars & Freedom "Percy/Saxon" 


Saxon (known as Percy when he was here at Devanley) is a service dog from the Devanley's Life Is A Highway "McQueen" x Devanley's Oorah "Oorah" litter from October 2016.

Devanley's Outer Limit "Zack" 

Zack is a service dog from the AKC GCH Devanley's Over the Limit "Mack" x Devanley's Amelia Earhart "Amelia" litter from June 2014.  Zach is an integral part of Danny O'Keefe's life.  

"It has been eight long years since our son Danny fought the fight of his life.  He is still recovering from that brutal attack.  He has come such a long way  improving his quality of life.  Much of it is due to therapies.  Although in close proximity to us, he now lives on his own with his service dog, Zack.  Zack is Danny's miracle.  He is Danny's constant companion.  Zack was not trained as an alert dog for seizures, yet he has alerted Danny.  As Danny works hard every day to improve, Zack is always with him.  Zack helps reduce Danny's anxiety and is a calming influence.  One of Danny's hardest hurdles has been speech.  He suffers from Aphasia which is the loss of a previously held ability to speak or understand spoken or written language due to injury to the brain.  I think this has been especially damaging to Danny who is an attorney.  The good news is that his speech has improved greatly and seems to get better every day!  I think one of the reasons is that Danny can always talk to Zack.  Aphasia is such a lonely and isolating condition.  Zack has made it easier to bare.  Zack doesn't care how Danny talks, he just cares that he is loved.  To my amazement, Danny has been driving for over a year now!  Zack is always ready to go.  As I's sure you would have guessed, this has given him an incredible sense of independence.  It has been a long eight years of hard work for my sone to come this far.  Danny continues to push himself every day and he just walked his 4th Flying Pig half Marathon with his dog Zack!  They train hard for this and actually walked 13.1 miles.  While walking, Zack can help Danny regain his balance.  Zack has been in Danny's life sine 2015.  We will always be thankful and grateful for Zack and the difference he makes in our son's life."  Lovingly written by Danny's mom, Kathy O'Keefe

To learn more about Danny, please see