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Current Litters

Typically, Devanley Labradors has between 1-4 litters per year, with each litter being entirely raised in the main living area of our home.

Some calendar years may have more depending on the girls' cycles and the ages of the girls as well as what our family calendar has on it.  Raising puppies is a family affair here and we devote ourselves to each and every litter.

Normally girls that live together cycle (or come into heat) together so it is normal for a breeder to have more than one litter within a short period of time.  Female dogs (bitches) come into season every 6-9 months so it isn't that often a breeding can occur.  That being said, patience is required by my puppy families as they wait for a girl to have a litter and for those puppies to be 8-10 weeks old before leaving here.  Anticipation is wonderful!

Please feel free to check out the DevanleyLabradors Channel on YouTube to see our  past litters. 

Also please read our So You Are Looking to Get a Puppy page to learn more about Devanley puppies

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Details of Current Litters

Please see our Anticipated Litters page for any future litter information! 

 Devanley's Last Call  "Bourbon" (EeBB Black carries yellow) AKC Major Pointed
(AKC CH Gallivant's Black Russian "Russ" x Devanley's White Chocolate Surprise "Sophie")
                                         OFA Hips Prelims Excellent, OFA Elbows Prelims Normal, OFA Echo Doppler Cardiac Normal, OFA Eyes Normal/Clear, PRA Normal/Clear,                                                                        CNM Normal/Clear, DM Normal/Clear, EIC Normal/Clear, RD/OD1 Normal/Clear, SD2 Normal/Clear, Long Coat Clear, Dilute Clear (Pure for Labrador)


Devanley's A Tail As Old As Time "Belle" (eeBB Yellow)
(AKC CH Devonshires Huckleberry Finn "Huck" x Devanley's Laughter with Galway "Boo")
                                                              OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Cardiac Normal, OFA Eyes Normal, PRA Normal/Clear, CNM Normal/Clear,                                                              DM Normal/Clear, HNPK Normal/Clear, RD/OD1 Normal/Clear, SD2 Normal/Clear, Dilute Clear (Pure for Labrador)


Whelp Date - December 22, 2019
Black & Yellow Litter of 8- 1 black male, 4 black females, & 3 yellow females

Black female available




Please feel free to contact us by phone 330.764.9717 or by email

We do not have business hours since this is our home - appointments only to approved families