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Devanley's Laughter with Galway X AKC GCH Devanley's Over the Limit

This particular litter is theme-named based my youngest son's senior year teachers since the puppies were whelped on his very last day of high school. 

Teacher's Last Name Puppy Color Marking
Hollo Blue Paint Yellow Boy
Krosse Green Paint Yellow Boy
Watkins Purple Paint Yellow Boy
Littner Black Paint Yellow Girl
Katie Green Paint Yellow Girl
Kennedy Purple Paint Yellow Girl
Kline Pink Paint Yellow Girl
Jones Orange Paint Yellow Girl
Underwood Teal Paint Yellow Girl

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First Week
Second Week
Third Week
Fourth Week
Fifth Week

Black Girl "Littner"

Green Girl "Katie"

Orange Girl "Jones"

Pink Girl "Kline"

Purple Girl "Kennedy"

Teal Girl "Underwood"

Blue Boy "Hollo"

Green Boy "Krosse"

Purple Boy "Watkins"

Sixth Week

Seventh Week

Time for our vet check....we love our vet Dr. Amy Cummings!

Eighth Week


Devanley's Pretty Good for a Girl