Devanley Labradors

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The Girls

Devanley's O'Heather  "Heather"Devanley's A Tail As Old As Time "Belle"
Devanley's Dixie of the Dukes "Daisy"Devanley's Stella Artois "Stella"


Retired Girls


Devanley's Wow-Wee Maui "Maui"

Devanley's Midnight Dilemma "Midge" 

(AKC Champion Pointed)

Devanley's Sweet Marie "Marie"

Devanley's Major Margaret Houlihan "Hotlips"

Devanley's Amelia Earhart "Amelia"

Devanley's Oorah "Oorah"

Devanley's Laughter with Galway  "Boo"

(AKC Major Pointed)

Devanley's Sweet Peppermint Patty "Patty"
Devanley's Nautical Wheeler "Bliss" Devanley's Real Gone @ Galway "Holley"  (AKC CH Pointed)
Devanley's White Chocolate Surprise "Sophie"Devanley's Parking Lot Party "Lee"


Gone But Forever in Our Hearts

Bonaventure Bella Serra "Bella"

 (AKC champion pointed)

LaurKim Devanley's A Princess  "Leya"

(AKC Champion pointed)


GrandRiver's Grace Under Foot "Gracie"

 (AKC champion pointed)

Devanley's Hallelujah  "Haley"


Devanley's Queen of Hearts "Gabby"

(AKC Champion Pointed)



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